Request OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Cards

OSHA Outreach Training Portal

In order to streamline the process of ordering OSHA outreach cards, all requests will now be entered into the Outreach Training Portal. The portal offers trainers a more efficient way of processing requests.

Payment Options

The cost of EACH outreach card is $8. (Example: If a trainer requests cards for 12 students, the trainer must send $96 [$8 x 12 students] with his/her training report submission.) The outreach portal only accepts credit cards as a form of payment. 

Replacement Requests for 10 & 30 Hour OSHA Cards

Students: A student must request a replacement card from the Authorized Outreach Trainer who taught their class. Only one replacement may be issued per student. Replacement cards will only be issued if the end date of the course is within the past five years. The student must attend training again to be issued a new outreach card.

Trainers: Outreach trainers should refer to the Outreach Program Requirements regarding recordkeeping requirements. If you conducted your class after 2/29/16, you should put in your replacement card request via the Outreach Training Portal. The fee for each replacement card is $20. For replacement cards for classes held prior to 2/29/16, please follow the instructions below.

Replacement Requests for Outreach Trainer Cards

An authorized trainer may request a new card and certificate within the four-year period. Please allow up to two weeks for processing and shipment. The fee is $20.

Please send your requests to: For replacement trainer cards, please include: your name, phone number, mailing address, name of course (i.e., 10-hr Construction, OSHA 500) and end date of course. For replacement outreach cards, include the same information as above but also the student(s) names for the card(s) you are requesting. Our OTI coordinator will contact you for payment information.

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