Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals for General Industry

Certificate Program Requirements

To earn an OSHA certificate in Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals for General Industry, participants must complete a minimum of seven courses, totaling at least 68 hours of in-class training.

Three required courses 

OSHA 511 - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry
OSHA 7500 - Introduction to Safety and Health Management
OSHA 7505 - Introduction to Accident Investigation

Choose four elective courses

OSHA 3095 - Electrical Standards
OSHA 7300 - OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Entry or OSHA 2264 - Permit-
                        Required Confined Space Standard
OSHA 7000 - OSHA Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling
OSHA 7005 - Public Warehousing and Storage
OSHA 7100 - Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding or OSHA 2045 -
                        Machinery & Machine Guarding Standards
OSHA 7105 - Evacuation and Emergency Planning
OSHA 7115 - Lockout/Tagout
OSHA 7200 - Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities
OSHA 7205 - Health Hazard Awareness
OSHA 7210 - Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
OSHA 7845 - Recordkeeping Rule Seminar

Following course completion, participants must fill out and submit the General Industry Application Verification Form and Public Sector Certificate Payment Form to the Mid-South OTI Education Center. If you have any questions regarding this process, please call 877-345-2515 or email